A Brief History

Boddhisattva Samantabhadra Sutra Association is a registered charitable organization in the City of Vancouver, Province of British Columbia, a part of the world wide Amitabha Buddhist Society.


A group of ten plus Buddhism Practitioners had gathered to cultivate in 1999, their devotion had attracted more practitioners. The Association’s president, Ms. Joanna Chan, started to lead fellow practitioners to learn the Pure Land School, vow to be reborn, going home to the Pure Land in 2008. The have followed this cultivation steadfastly since then.

The philosophy and purpose of this society is to completely follow the principles of the "Buddha Says the Mahayana Immortal Life, Solemn Purity, Equality and Enlightenment Sutra" (referred to as the "Infinite Life Sutra"). Through practice and study in following Dharma^kara’s heart, vow, philosophy and practice, so that all fellow practitioners who come to learn can achieve full success in this lifetime, reborn in the Western Pure Land, and never retreat until becoming Amitabha Buddha.

Our Philosophy

Core philosophy:

"The Six Principles of Harmony is the foundation;

Starting from me,

Coming from the heart."

Diligently follow Venerable Master Chin Kung’s teaching of the "Infinite Life Sutra".

Carry out and living the teachings of Venerable Master Chin Kung,

"Through one door only, long term immersion in cultivation",

Focus in the cultivation and teaching of the "Infinite Life Sutra".

Only recite Amitabha Buddha’s Amituofo Chanting,

Vow to be reborn in the Pure Land.

Master Chin Kung’s teachings can be summed up by the following principles for practice: “true sincerity, purity of mind, equality, proper understanding, compassion, seeing through, letting go, attaining freedom, according with proper conditions, and being mindful of Amitabha Buddha.” His message of loving-kindness and compassion for all has been the central theme of his life-long teaching. Harboring thoughts of sincerity, respect, humility, harmony and dedication to help all beings to gain long-lasting happiness and joy has been his meaning of life. This is our cultivation principle.

Our Culture

Following the “Infinite Life Sutra” as our core cultivation principle

Believe and uphold in practice:

"In this Sutra, the student emulates the teacher and follows in his footsteps"; "take refuge and in reverence, following the teaching of Buddha accordingly"; "absorb and uphold internally in practice"; "definitely will become a Buddha.”

Amituofo Chanting sincerely and continuously:

Our formal method of cultivation is the primary practice is nianfo, mindful Buddha-name chanting. This chanting of “Amituofo” is done while doing walking, prostrating, or seated meditation. When we chant, the sound of “Amituofo” arises in our minds. And as we utter “Amituofo,” our minds concentrate on and embrace that sound. While chanting, do so sincerely and continuously.

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